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Keep your tile and stone looking beautiful with the help of Tile N All in Kelowna. We are a proud distributor of DuPont® StoneTech® Professional products that will clean and protect any type of grout, tile and natural stone surface. Find helpful information about tile care by reading our FAQ below. If you have questions regarding the information presented on this page, please give us a call or fill out our contact form. A friendly member of our team will be happy to assist you.

FAQ about Tile Care

Q: How long do I wait after installing tile to seal it?

A: You should wait a minimum of 72 hours after grouting before applying any sealer.

Q: Isn't a sealer used mainly for natural stone products?

A: Sealer is used for natural stone, but there are also some tiles that are porous and require sealing. Tiles such as unglazed ceramic/porcelain tiles and terra cotta/Saltillo tiles require a sealer. Cement-based grout also requires a sealer.

Q: Do I have to seal glass and ceramic tiles?

A: Glass tiles and highly-glazed ceramic tiles do not require any sealer. However, the grout still requires sealing.

Q: Do I have to seal porcelain tiles if they are glazed?

A: No. Glazed porcelain tiles do not require a sealer. However, the grout still requires sealing.

Q: Is there a special sealer for outdoor tiles?

A: Yes. An exterior sealer is required. A solvent-based, heavy duty sealer with UV protection should be used.

Q: How do I know if the sealer is working?

A: To test your tile, grout or natural stone, simply drop a few drops of water on the surface. If the water droplet remains beaded after one minute, the sealer is still working. If the surface becomes dark and the water soaks in, then it is time to reseal.

Q: Do I have to reseal the tile at a later date or is once enough?

A: Eventually, you will need to reseal the surface. Most interior surfaces last two to three years. Exterior surfaces may require yearly sealing depending upon conditions. If the proper cleaning products are used, they will revitalize your sealer and extend the life of it.

Q: Is it true that epoxy grout is stain proof?

A: Yes. Many people don’t realize that there is a grout that can be installed in your home that is 100% stain proof. Epoxy grout never needs to be sealed and cannot absorb any stains.

Q: Should I use a regular household cleaner to scrub mildew off the grout in the shower?

A: No. It is not recommended. Household cleaners can contain abrasives and chemicals that can damage the surface of your stone and tile. They also shorten the life of your sealer by breaking it down. There are specific products designed to remove soap scum, mildew and mould stains.

Q: My granite countertop was not sealed. I have wine stains and dark oil stains on it. Can I get those out?

A: Yes. An oil stain remover (poultice) will take the stains out of the stone. Once the countertop is clean, it is easy to apply a sealer that will protect it. Your granite countertop will absorb anything that comes in contact with its surface. A sealer will protect the granite from oil- and water-based stains, and also make it easier to clean.

Q: My fireplace has natural stone that is dull looking. Is there something I can apply to make it look better?

A: Yes. There are a few products available that will change the look of your natural stone. There is a finishing sealer that enriches the colours of the stone by providing a high gloss. There is also an enhancing sealer that creates a wet look without any shine. Both are safe products that can be used around a fireplace.

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